The 6 Smartest Celebrities

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Famous People & Celebrities IQ Scores

Ever wondered what the IQ score of your favourite celebrities is? Let’s find out!

Very few celebrities have ever taken an IQ test. Or maybe some have, but they keep their scores secret. The truth is, the real IQ scores of most of these celebrities and famous people are in reality unknown.

Of course, celebrities that come from intellectual domains do obviously have higher IQs than average, since being successful in such domains (and thus jumping to fame) requires so. That’s why we have decided not to include famous people from those spheres. Indeed, most of them you must have already probably heard about, such as Einstein or Nikola Tesla.

Instead, we have included the highest IQs from celebrities who have jumped to fame from nonintellectual domains, in which IQ is not that much of a key factor to succeed.

After doing a bit of internet research and gossiping, we have found 6 celebrities with amazingly high IQs you won’t believe.

Keep in mind the cutoff point for giftedness is 130.

Let’s dive in!

1. Quentin Tarantino – IQ 160

Quentin Tarantino’s IQ is reported to be 160.

There is no doubt his IQ is also from another world. Tarantino never liked school, except when it came to history class “because it was kind of like the movies,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Even though he dropped out of high school, he became one of the most brilliant Hollywood artists of all time; the films he wrote are among the best ones in the industry.

2. Matt Damon – IQ 160

Matt Damon’s reported IQ is 160. He is a very successful actor, who has earned plenty of awards in his field, like the Golden Globe and the Academy Awards. He attended Harvard University and eventually left it to pursue his artistic career. There is no doubt Matt is also very smart!

3. Epik  High’s Tablo – IQ 160

Tablo is a famous Korean singer. Her reported IQ is 160, which is the same as Einstein’s.

Tablo grew up attending many different schools as a child, one of them being St.George’s School in British Columbia. He was also accepted as a coterminal student at Stanford University, which is in the top 5 American universities.

It took her only 3 years to complete her bachelor’s degree in English plus a master’s degree in creative writing. Impressive!

4. David Duchovny – IQ 147

David Duchovny’s IQ has been reported to be around 147. He attended top American universities, some of them being known for having considerably above-average IQ scores in their student populations. He graduated from Princeton University, where his poetry received an honorable mention for a college prize for the Academy of American Poets. He then attended Yale University, where he got his MFA.

5. Emma Watson – IQ 138

She attended Ivy league universities. She graduated from a degree in English in Brown university. She did so while growing her acting career and working hard on Harry Potter.

There is no doubt she is a very hard-working and smart person!

Emma Watson’s reported IQ is 138.

6. James Franco – IQ 130

Spiderman’s enemy. James Franco’s IQ is thought to be 130.

He went to UCLA to pursue a degree in English, where he was granted a special permission to take 62 credits per term (the normal limit is just 19!). He also did a Ph.D. at the University of Yale some years later.

Most amazing of all, he did all of this while working on his acting career!