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Tired of doing online iq tests only to find out at the end that they’re not free? Yes, I know how you feel. They didn’t say anything about that “validation fee” in advance. They might have even lied to you and said it was an actual free iq test. No more lies. With our free intelligence test, you will instantly receive your IQ score for free. Yes, I am serious, both the test and the IQ score are entirely 200% free. What’s more, this is probably the best and most accurate online intelligence assessment tool you will ever use. Sorry if that sounded excessively overconfident, but it’s true. We have designed powerful AI algorithms and implemented the most advanced psychometric frameworks for you. Your IQ score will be calculated (for free) by comparing your performance against +5 million testtakers. What are you waiting for? Take the test now and get your instant free results!

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Discover & understand your unique cognitive profile

You are unique. You have your own cognitive strengths and weaknesses no one else has, which shape the way you see the world and cope with problems. Your brain is wired in a unique way. For instance, if you excel at linguistic intelligence, you will find it easier to describe intellectual problems through language. You might tend to think a lot or even to overworry. It’s quite likely you also tend to “talk with yourself mentally”. Indeed, when you’re with people you trust, you love to talk a lot! If you excel at visual stimuli, you probably loved to play with legos as a kid, you love your imagination; you easily and unconsciously tend to imagine things in form of images in your mind all the time, for instance, when someone is telling you a story or when you are planning what you’ll do in the weekend. Most likely, you also love technology a lot. Are you a visual learner? A logical-type? Maybe a creative abstract thinker?. Take the test and find out your unique cognitive profile and why you perceive the world like you do.

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Your friends might not believe you scored so high? Or what if you ever needed an official and certified proof of your IQ score? No problem. At the end of the test, you will also have the possibility to buy an official certificate of your results. What’s more, it will always be available on our website, you will have a special link only for yourself, through which you will be able to download your report and your certificate as many times as you want; this way you will never lose your IQ results no matter what happens to your computer. You will always have a beautiful proof and reminder of how smart you are. What are you waiting for? Take our free IQ test and get your instant free results!

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Emma Garcia
Best Online IQ Test and Very Interesting Report

I appreciated a lot that the results were free & instant. though I could not stop my curiosity and I decided to purchase the full assessment report. Turns out I am a "creative thinker", a title only held by 2% of the people 😉 haha. Everything felt so accurate I am still in shock! I learnt many things about myself and connected so many dots. Hopefully my friends will finally understand my fun odd behaviours now! haha

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Braylon Carter
Im happy I scored higher than all of my friends

I did not get an amazing score but hey, now each of my friends owes me a beer. The performance report is the part I liked the most. The test was also fun to take though maybe too easy during the first few questions.

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Shyla Khan
I got all the questions right

It took me long, but I finally managed to answer all the questions right. I have always been good at logical tests and stuff, however, I was surprised with how difficult some questions got. Turns out I also underestimated some of the "easy" ones. Luckily I reviewed the whole test before delivering and I could spot some silly mistakes I made for having been too overconfident xD.

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