What is the Brain Assessment Center?

What is the Brain Assessment Center?

If you love intellectual activities, working out your brain, challenging your mind and discovering key insights about yourself – you are in the right place!

The Brain Assessment Center specializes in the development and commercialization of online assessment tools for the general public.

So far, people interested in testing themselves have always had to go to a professional psychologist.

And that implies having to wait for weeks or even months to get the results and spending amounts ranging between 300$ and 5000$.

In addition, face-to-face professional assessments are used for diagnostic purposes.

And that’s not the use-case most people want or need.

You don’t want to have to take 2-hour bus trips and spend 1000$ attending a psychologist for several weeks to get your results.

What you want instead, is to challenge your mind, discover more about yourself in a fun way, and see where your intellectual ability stands in comparison to other people.

And you want to do it all from the comfort of your phone or laptop.

That’s how we help people – We help people discover more about themselves by using online psychological and psychometric tools and quantitative measures, that are affordable for and available to anybody, as well as instant and easy.

We started as a university project with the goal of using the new digital and algorithmic technologies to develop online assessment tools in a cost-effective manner.

And to date, we have helped more than 5 million online users all over the world to find out an approximation of their IQ scores.

Taking our IQ test is the perfect way to spend a delightful time of intellectual recreation and self-discovery, from the comfort of your laptop or phone!


Our tools are designed to offer accurate approximations of your intellectual performance, by comparing your performance against other testtaker’s through our statistical algorithms.

However, please note that our assessment tools do not have diagnostic value – only tests administered by a professional do.

If you need to get diagnosed for any mental condition (e.g., mental retardation, learning disabilities, etc..) we advice you to contact a professional.

The material on this site is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting primary, more accurate, more complete or more timely sources of information. Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk.